Creating, Editing & Deleting Users

ScienceOps users can be administered on in the Admin > Users page, shown below

Creating New Users

To create a new user, click the "add a new user" button in the top right of the Users page.

After entering in basic information, the user will need to be assigned a role. If the user is not an Admin or Manager, they will need to be assigned to an existing manager.

The manager the analyst is assigned to must reject or approve models this analyst submits to review, prior to moving the model to production.

Editing Existing Users

Existing users information can be edited by clicking the "Edit User" button.

All fields except for the Username and API key can be modified.

Deleting Users

To delete a user, click the "edit user" for the user you wish to delete. Select 'Delete' and the user will be permanently removed. This is not reversible.

When an analyst is deleted, their models will be reassigned to their manager or administrator.

When a manager / admin is deleted, their models are reassigned to the remaining admin. One manager must exist on the system at all times.

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