Testing models

ScienceOps ships with a model testing feature, aimed at ensuring that new deployments don't break existing model integrations.

Configuring a test

Model tests require a line-delimited JSON file (.ldjson for short). An example test file for a HelloWorld model might look like:


{"name": "colin"}
{"name": "jerry"}
{"name": "tom"}
{"name": "sandra"}

This file can be uploaded to:

Running the Tests

After a test file has been uploaded, a click "Run" to confirm the test passes

Testing workflow

Below we see the two scenarios a model with tests configured can fall into.

In the first:

  1. Model passes the tests
  2. Model version is bumped and the new version goes online

In the second:

  1. Model fails the tests
  2. Existing version stays online and model status indicates latest test failed

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