Separating models that are being tested to production is an important part of the deploying ML and predictive models.

To facilitate this, ScienceOps ships with a dedicated "production" route which can be used to separate user-level models (or models being tested), and models that are integrated into production systems.

User-level Models

All models that are deployed to ScienceOps are given a route, or the URL that POST requests are sent to.

All user-level models have a route like:


For example:

  • User: colin
  • Model: HelloWorld
  • Production: False

Production Models

Production models have a route like:


For example:

  • User: production
  • Model: HelloWorld
  • Production: True

Moving Models to Production

How a model is moved to /production depends on a users' role and permissions.

The diagram below illustrates how "Analysts" can submit models for approval, and if approved, the model will be moved to the production route.


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